Online Sportsbooks Accepting Bank Drafts in 2023

Learn Which Online Sportsbooks Accept Bank Wire Transfers

Do you prefer’modern’ payment methods, or have you ever tried bank transfer betting sites? At, we thought it was time for a comprehensive review of sportsbooks that accept bank transfers.



You might be wondering why anyone would be interested in bank transfer betting sites. That’s what we’ll be demonstrating today; if it’s dependability you’re looking, the bank transfer has a certain allure. Kick back on the tried and true bank transfer and peruse our fascinating discoveries.

Pros and cons of online betting sites that accept bank transfers


Easily accessible at any bookmaker

Deposit and withdrawal limitations are very high.

Get access to special offers

Cash in and out transfers are slow

Be required to reveal financial details

Betting sites’ bank transfer deposit and withdrawal timings


Online sportsbooks that accept bank transfers for deposits and withdrawals are nearly as common as those that accept Visa.


Let’s take a look at the timing of this form of payment:


Your sportsbook, your bank, or both may have a hand in the timing of your withdrawal. The clearing of a deposit can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours. However, a sportsbook is not likely to wait that long, as doing so would cause them to lose many consumers.

Withdrawals from sports betting sites typically take between three and five business days, but can take as long as six days if there are any issues with the verification process. One probable explanation is that the waiting time is increased since both the sportsbooks and the banks involved in the bank transfer must adhere to verification standards. This type of interbank transaction can only be completed safely with confirmation from both the sportsbook and the bettor’s bank.

However, you should get in touch with customer service right away if it takes more than six business days for your withdrawal to show money in your bank account.

Guidelines for Online Gambling Sites Accepting Bank Transfers


Opening a sports betting account that accepts bank transfers

Setting up an account at a betting site that accepts bank transfers is simple. Some kind of identification will always be needed from you. This is done for your own and the sportsbook’s safety, and it won’t hurt anything. Just like when using a Mastercard for sports betting, the site will need to verify a number of personal details to make sure you’re eligible to play, including your age, citizenship status, physical location, and more. It makes sense to show your sportsbook proof of age if you want to keep your account protected from the dangers of identity theft and online fraud. The following information is typically requested by sportsbooks accepting bank transfers:



Birth Date

Online Hookup Email Address

Place of Residence: Telephone Number

Username Password

Optional Security Question

Playing with verification

After your initial bank transfer transaction clears, you can usually begin playing at most betting sites. You may not have full access to the sportsbook platform until you verify your name, address, and age with the required documentation. This is because, similar to financial organizations in the United States, sportsbooks that accept bank transfers are governed by “Know Your Customer” (KYC) regulations, which may limit your ability to use the betting site until your identification has been validated.

The Origins of Sportsbooks Accepting Bank Transfers


We owe a debt of gratitude to Western Union for pioneering the use of electronic money transfers. In the nineteenth century, before the invention of the telegram, this process was far more rudimentary. Eventually, the concept of a monetarily-motivated telegram emerged, wherein a client would pay at a telegram office and make a request to send money to another person. Once the telegraph is sent, the receiving office will send payment once they receive the telegram. Sounds hard to us; perhaps that’s why big banks like Western Union stepped in, provided funding for a computerized system, and helped streamline international money transfers.


When the Internet became widely available, it completely modernized and transformed the bank transfer, making the previous telegram method seem nearly incomprehensible in comparison to the speed and efficiency of the new system.


Bank wire transfers are now standard practice and not at all regarded as a convenience. This technological upheaval has benefited not only sportsbooks who accept bank transfers, but also those that accept other withdrawal methods, including as American Express sportsbooks. Additionally, online banking smartphone apps and services are available at pretty much every financial institution, allowing us to handle our funds whenever we choose, day or night.

How does it stack up against other services that accept bank transfers for sports betting?


Bet on the Bank or Play for Cash at the Casino?

On-site, withdrawing cash from the casino cage is more convenient than transferring funds via bank transfer. However, if you’re betting through an online sportsbook or a site that accepts bank transfers, you might be able to use cash in a casino as a last option. Having access to cash without paying exorbitant transfer fees is also a perk.


Bet on sports using a bank transfer or use Skrill?

Skrill is a low-cost online payment option comparable to PayPal. This is fantastic in comparison to the sometimes exorbitant fees associated with bank wire transactions. However, Skrill is also viewed as a “middleman,” and while some sports gamblers using bank transfer betting sites value anonymity, others prefer being directly tied to their bank to avoid double fees. Both choices here are excellent, so it comes down to personal taste.


Sportsbooks that accept bank transfers versus those that accept Neteller

Neteller is well-known for its dedication to its clients and for looking out for their best interests at all times. Safe money transfers are a part of this. The quality of service you receive when making a bank transfer may vary, depending on the bank you use. While it facilitates the storage and transmission of funds, Neteller is not a bank and is thus another fee-based intermediary. While both credit and debit bank transfers and the e-wallet Neteller have their uses, the former is far more common than the latter.

Betting sites that accept bank transfers are still active, finally!


Find a reliable sportsbook that accepts your preferred mode of payment and sticks to that one. Because of its central role in the electronic payment system, the bank transfer has a fascinating history and will continue to be used in the foreseeable future. Our analysis of the best betting sites shows that bank transfers are still often used in situations where other payment options are limited, such as when making a withdrawal from a sportsbook. If you’re looking for a great place to wager, we propose one of the sportsbooks that accepts bank transfers.

Online bookmakers that accept bank transfers: Frequently Asked Questions


👀 When I send money through the bank, what happens?

Using the internet, you are essentially sending money from one bank account to another, as the banking system has become entirely digital. Check out our comprehensive analysis of bank transfer betting sites to learn the secrets of the trade.


Can I make deposits and withdrawals using bank transfers at my preferred sportsbook?

Sending money using a bank transfer is a safe and dependable option. If you read our evaluation, in which we discuss all you need to know about sportsbooks that accept bank transfers, you will have no trouble finding the answers you seek.


Is a bank transfer an acceptable form of payment for a bonus offer?

Bonus promotions at most sportsbooks that accept bank transfers typically come with stipulations. Some conditions, for instance, are contingent upon the mode of payment employed; in such a case, you can’t proceed with the transaction until you employ the appropriate mode of payment. Our analysis includes commentary on the best ways to use bank transfers at your preferred sportsbook.


💳 How does a bank transfer vary from using a credit card?

There are several major distinctions, but to comprehend them, you must first know what a bank transfer is. In this article, we’ll go through the history of bank transfers, how they operate, and how they can be used in sports betting. Check them out and you might just find yourself a new go-to for wagering by bank transfer.






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